you are existence experiencing itself

March 8, 2022 |

Karina Guthrie Practicing at Sunset

One of the lovely things about life is its mystery. That sense of mystery is what propels us to travel the world, explore spirituality, and channel our desire to ‘know’ through the mediums of science and art.

It’s this same longing that fuels our belief in God (or whatever you call that thing in your life that’s bigger than you) and although our belief in ‘God’ has taken unique forms throughout the ages, the curiosity we each have about the mystery of our life is a thread that connects us all.

We’ve all had the sense that there’s something bigger and more profound about life than we currently understand. We’ve all had the desire to experience it.

In the literature of yoga ‘that thing’ is given many names. Essentially, though, they’re all descriptions of the interplay between universal energy and universal consciousness. For yoga, then, ‘God’ is not anthropomorphic. Rather it is a universal intelligence responsible for the orbiting of planets, the waxing and waning of the moon, the cycles of the seasons and the feelings, thoughts and experiences we each have as sentient beings.

Yoga doesn’t stop there, though. It doesn’t simply tell us that universal consciousness exists; it asks us to surrender to the possibility that universal consciousness is experiencing itself, right now, through the vessel of your body (and simultaneously through mine).

You are existence experiencing itself.

What happens when you read that line? Do you contract because you feel (or want to feel) that, in fact, you are the master of your destiny? Or is the idea that existence is experiencing itself through you one that feels expansive?

The idea that we might simply be a vessel through which awareness moves (the possibility that our awareness isn’t ‘ours’) is big and scary.

But, also, if this is true there might be a path we could walk that would allow us to access more of the world, and ourselves, than we’re currently able to know. That might be cool, right?!

(Psst…There is such a path. It’s called ‘yoga’ 😉 ).

To pull from a beautiful quote:

‘Trading in the small mind and opening to something bigger is like trading in a grain of sand and receiving the universe in return’.

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