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Mentoring for teachers

Mentoring for teachers

Where are you now?

Where do you want to be?

What, of your latent potential, can we harness to make your vision a reality?

I was relieved to take it off.

It also has the tendency to surface our fears and self-limiting beliefs. Our ability to progress on this path rests our ability to move through them.

Workshops and teacher trainings are certainly valuable. They also tend to offer yoga as a one-sized-fits-all model. It’s not uncommon to finish training and feel isolated as we attempt to navigate these teachings and make them our own.

The yoga tradition speaks at length about the importance of having a teacher, of someone who can see the things – about us and the path – that are currently outside our field of vision, who can support us in accessing our potential.

As teachers, we shine the light of awareness for others. It’s important, also, to have someone to shine that light for us. The more we’re held and supported, the better we become at holding and supporting others.

How will you know if mentoring is right for you?



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  • You’re ready to step into the next phase of your teaching journey but aren’t sure how.
  • You want to:
  • Learn traditional techniques like bandha, mudra and mantra (and how to use them properly in class)
  • You want toearn the subtle energetic systems of the body and how to weave them intelligently into your sequencing
  • Deepen your understanding of pranayama and meditation
  • Deepen your understanding of yogic philosophy (in a way that feels lively and accessible)
  • Develop authentic workshops and trainings
  • Find your true voice as a teacher
  • Explore ways to deepen your personal practice (after all, we can only take people as far as we’ve gone ourselves)
  • Work through ‘sticking points’ in your teaching practice

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Online course

Yoga and the mind

The course will explore:

• Yoga’s map of the mind

• How we can use yogic practices to establish a healthy relationship with our thoughts

• How, through yoga, we can touch the awareness beyond them.

For so many of us, the thing stands between where we are now and where we want to be is our conditioning, internalised as self-defeating mental chatter.

Yoga teaches that our thoughts are learned, which means they can be unlearned, exchanged for ones that are more empowering and eventually transcended altogether.

Yoga and the Mind is dedicated to this journey.


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Yoga and the Mind will cover the following:

  • Samkhya philosophy (the yogic worldview that explains our life’s journey)
  • A brief history of the socio-political climate in which the Yoga Sutra was written and why it's relevant to us now
  • Yoga's teachings on suffering and how to overcome it
  • A detailed breakdown of the Vedantic model of the mind and how we can use this model to reweave our relationship with our thought processes and conditioning
  • A detailed exploration of the relationship between the mind and the physical, energetic and intuitive systems that lie beyond it, through the lens of the koshas
  • An exploration of two meditation styles: mindfulness meditation and mantra japa (including the 'why' and the 'how' of practicing each)
  • A range of contemplative exercises and free movement practices
  • Asana, pranayama and meditation (12 asana practices, 6 additional meditations and 6 pranayamas)
  • Off-the-mat practices and journaling prompts
  • Supplementary resources in the form of articles, worksheets, interviews and additional reading material 

You will have access to the content for 12 months from the day you sign up. You can take the course at your own pace and revisit it as often as you like.

Yoga and the Mind is registered as a 30 hour continuing education program with Yoga Alliance. 


USD 325


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client love

"Karina is my compass in this very confusing yoga world. I live on the other side of the world but she has always been there when I needed her. 

It is amazing to have a teacher who is so knowledgeable and also has an amazing way of sharing her knowledge. She never uses mystical language to create an illusion of ‘yogicness’. She is a genuine yogi, walking her path, continuously questioning and expanding. 

I am very proud to be trained by her and I am still seeking ways to learn from her."


"I’ve never experienced classes with more depth and wisdom. One of my favourite things about her teaching might be her gift to put sensations that are normally hard to describe into words. I used to call it Karina’s ability to “paint pictures with words“, which you can experience not only in her classes and lectures but also in written form online. 

I’m very grateful to call Karina my teacher. I highly recommend learning from her. It’ll help you to dig deeper not only in your personal practice or your own way of teaching, but to evolve as a person and in life itself.”


"As a teacher, Karina’s attention to detail and intentional teaching style sets her apart, but it is her knowledge, experience, and way of communicating that makes her an incredible trainer and mentor. 

Karina is professional, down to earth, funny, and shares the tradition of yoga in a way that is tangible, digestible and relatable. I feel so honoured to learn from someone who demonstrates such integrity as a teacher and as a human being.

Karina embodies the teachings of yoga, which I believe is a true reflection of her own dedication and commitment to practice.