the obstacles you face should give way to the vision you hold

March 1, 2022 |

the nature of obstacles

I remember someone saying to me once:

‘The obstacles you face should give way to the vision you hold’.


That’s powerful.

If you ponder that for a moment, you might also realise how rarely that’s the case.

Think of how many times you’ve heard someone hatch a plan (for their life, their business, their relationship) and then shelve it when the inspiration passed and they began to feel vulnerable, exposed or challenged.

‘The timing’s not right’…

‘I’m not ready’…

‘I’m too busy, maybe next year’.

For many (hopefully not you though), the vision collapses under the weight of the obstacle.

Here’s the thing …

There’s nothing wrong with your vision. I bet it still inspires you.

The issue is simply that it’s scary. It’s asking you to stretch. It’s asking you to sit in a moment of discomfort (or maybe several), and to hold yourself there.

Will you do it?

Obstacles are not immoveable objects. They’re invitations to growth.

They’re like puzzles. Figuring out how to solve the puzzle is how you develop the skillset you need for the next stage of your journey.

An analogue might help here…

Have you ever been to a breakout room (you know those rooms you pay someone to lock yourself into, so you can problem-solve your way out)?!

About 10 years ago someone invited me to do one. It was hidden in an office building in the middle of a city. We hopped in a rickety elevator, rode it to the top and stepped into the reception area where a girl invited us to choose our room.

Did we want the shipwrecked vessel? The hospital? The scary clowns?

We chose the clowns.

She showed us to our clown room, set the timer (we had an hour) and locked us in. So began a series of tests of logic, creative thinking and patience. Our mission was to solve a crime. One of the clowns was guilty. Which one?!

Each time we solved a riddle, we were given another clue.  By the end of the game we were down to the wire until…finally!

The clown with the red hair had done it and framed the other clowns.


The door buzzed open, we collected our prize and emerged into our day, feeling pretty confident that we had bright futures as detectives ahead of us. If you’d looked into the room just a few moments before, though, what you’d have seen was a couple of strung-out humans at the end of their tether.

Such is the nature of obstacles.

Obstacles only feel overwhelming until you work out the rules of the game. The way you do that is to make a decision:

That the obstacles you face will give way to the vision you hold.

Need a hand problem-solving some obstacles of your own?

Then, reach out:


I have coaching spaces available for exactly this kind of journey, and one of them likely has your name on it!

Much love,


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