The Journey From Understanding to Embodiment

November 22, 2021 |

The Journey From Understanding to Embodiment



A while back I was reading a book and it contained a series of business principles that were actually also just really great life principles. Something that the author said that I really loved was (and I’m paraphrasing here)… “You might hear these principles and think, actually, I already know that. But if you really knew them enough to embody them, you’d have no use for the book”

So if you get the principles, but then you forget the principles, you don’t really get them at all. It’s kind of like walking. When you really get it, it becomes such a part of you that it no longer requires any thought. There’s often a leap from getting the thing, to living and being the thing, and that’s the leap I’m here to help you (and other ambitious women) make.

We’ve all sat in a classroom or attended a course or listened to a podcast and thought, yeah, that makes total sense. And then we’ve tried to explain it to somebody later and realize that we can’t. The logic of the thing makes sense, but because we haven’t implemented it yet, we don’t actually know if it makes sense for us. Right? So there’s this bridge between the getting of the thing and the living of the thing, just like there’s a bridge between listening to somebody talk about walking and actually walking.

What actions can we take to actually move towards embodiment?

We start with some self-enquiry to spot the places where we are stagnant or stuck.Think about something in your life that you would like to create in the world right now and apply the same lens.

Identify where you’re hiding behind the idea or the explanation but not actually doing the thing. Ask yourself, if you were actually to take full responsibility and actually started to act on the insights that have lit you up when you’ve been pondering this change – what would your life actually look like or feel like if you started to put insight into action? You’re ready to start to do that because you understand that insight when not translated into action, probably won’t lead to change.

Here’s a free resource to help you move from understanding to embodiment

Click on the link below and you’ll discover a simple but really effective structure for turning insight into action when it comes to creating something that you really value in life.

There’s a planner there, and a training video to go with it. It’s something I use as part of the coaching I do with women who are generally looking for a more sustainable way to achieve success using mindfulness techniques and yogic techniques and some really simple get shit down strategies. I use a version of this.

I use versions of this as well, and I find it so powerful. If you stick to it, you won’t just be putting 1ft in front of the other. You’ll be moving along in leaps and bounds.

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