Veronique, Bali

November 13, 2020 | Comments Off on Veronique, Bali

“Karina is not only a wonderful, knowledgeable teacher but also a radiant woman shining very bright. She embodies the practice of yoga in the most graceful and honourable way.

Karina understands just perfectly how to translate this ancient tradition into modern life while honouring its sacred teachings. I had several mentoring sessions with her and she intuitively knew how to support me in the most nourishing and uplifting way during a time when I felt stuck. Her sense of understanding of my needs, and her guidance, helped me to bring clarity into what I wanted to share and to gain back the power of my true voice as a yoga teacher.

She is a rare find and I am forever grateful for her unconditional dedication to the path which helped me to grow and evolve.”

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