Aimee, New Zealand

November 13, 2020 | Comments Off on Aimee, New Zealand

“Karina is an exceptional teacher, inspiring woman, and all-round wonderful human being.
She has a unique way of evoking deep thoughts and feelings throughout practice through her use of language and knowledge of the science of sequencing.

She makes intricate and abstract teachings within the yoga tradition feel simple, accessible and relatable by translating them into a felt experience. Her classes leave me feeling pure, embodied and at home within myself, and I always learn something of value.

Karina is an intelligent, poetic and charismatic teacher and a considerate, thoughtful mentor. She really sees each individual for who they are and offers support and guidance in a way that nurtures and supports their innate strengths and gifts.

She is honest, insightful and full of heart. Karina’s teaching has been pivotal for me as a student, and continues to enrich my experience of and attitude towards practice, and life in general. She’s a true gem!”

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