subtle & skillful sequencing

a free mini-series

My intention with this mini-series is to show that you can practice in a way that consistently, and elegantly, supports your meditation practice, but is also flexible enough to be responsive to the fluctuating circumstances of your life.



Welcome to the second set of practices from this four part series.

pranayama & meditation

A pranayama and meditation you are already familiar with. The meditation will close each day's practice, and focuses on alignment, relaxation and resilience.

Check your emails tomorrow for access to the practices for part three of this mini-series where we'll explore a 'Yin Style'Practice', and finish up with a Pranayama and Meditation.

As always, I love hearing your thoughts. Hit ‘reply’ to the email that got you here, or DM me @karina.guthrie on Instagram, and let me know which parts spoke to you, or challenged you, or got your thinking wheels turning the most.

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