subtle & skillful sequencing

a free mini-series

My intention with this mini-series is to show that you can practice in a way that consistently, and elegantly, supports your meditation practice, but is also flexible enough to be responsive to the fluctuating circumstances of your life.

DAY four


Today's videos explore the sequencing and theming choices made in the classes throughout the series, so you can either use these classes in your personal practice, or use the insights from the classes to design your own elegant and responsive practice. 

Theming debrief

In the first debrief video we'll take a look at the practice series so far, and explore how to create a themed class so that the theme feels integrated all the way through.

sequencing debrief

An exploration of the peak pose during this series, and how I sequenced each class to lead up to it in a way that perfectly geared up to the meditation experience.


As we end the series (as always) you’re welcome to reach out (it’s one of my favourite parts of this). Let me know how this week’s practices have shaped your week and, of course, if any questions have come up for you about the debrief.

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