Yoga Sequencing Tips

Yoga Sequencing Tips

As yoga teachers, how do we design great practices? To answer that question, we first need to explore what ‘great’ actually means. Does it refer to a fun practice? Do we gauge it by how we feel immediately after? Or, is a great practice one that contributes positively to our life?

The Journey From Understanding to Embodiment

The Journey From Understanding to Embodiment

    A while back I was reading a book and it contained a series of business principles that were actually also just really great life principles. Something that the author said that I really loved was (and I’m paraphrasing here)… “You might hear these principles and think, actually, I already know that. But if…

Growth and Self Trust

how to turn self-doubt into self-trust during periods of change

    Let’s talk about the relationship between growth and self-trust, particularly in those moments when you’re going for something in life that kind of stretches and inspires you, but maybe also scares you a little bit.

Take personal responsibilty for your outlook in life

Personal responsibility has the power to change everything, but are you game?

One of the things that I really like about yoga is its orientation towards personal responsibility. This idea is that we are entirely responsible for the experiences we have. As an example, let’s say you attend a yoga class and you hate it, but the person next to you attends the same class and they…

karina sitting in contemplation

mindset on the journey from self-doubt to self-trust

Change your mindset for self-trust Last year, I attended a course on mindset. The premise of the course was that you’d pick a goal, whatever was relevant for you, and every day for 90 days, you would do something towards that goal. The reason that I bring it up is that during the first group…


rising above it all with yoga’s tools for self inquiry

Tools for Self Inquiry in Uncertain Times There’s a lot going on in the world, and in the yoga world at the moment. In relation to that, I’ve been thinking about the importance of conversation. Particularly the nature of how conversation unfolds, and how we can use tools for self inquiry to remain empowered and…


on yoga nidra and the practice of trustful surrender

Our lives are extremely full of to-do lists, social activities, responsibilities, hopes for the future. And for most of these, we’re not open to the possibility of letting them go. We’re afraid of losing control. Because of this, when we step on to the yoga mat or meditation cushion, we tend to apply the same…

Blog - Bhakti walking the path of divine love

bhakti: walking the path of divine love

Let’s explore bhakti together, by first asking ourselves a few opening questions…   What does the word ‘love’ mean to you? Is it something you have? Something you want? Something you are? Think of the love you have for your parents. Then look beyond. The real parent, says Tantra, is love. The Tantric tradition teaches…


the goddess bhuvaneshwari

The Goddess Bhuvaneshwari:  The Space in Which Worlds Are Held; The Space in Which You Are Held   Imagine a process of moving consciously; the way you would if you were practicing, or dancing.  Think of the relationship between your movement and the breath. Each inhale starts a split second before the movement does. Each…

Dancing with Divine Feminine

dancing with the divine feminine

DANCING WITH THE DIVINE FEMININE   Goddesses have been worshipped in India and elsewhere since ancient times. They appeared in the Vedas (the oldest texts within the yogic tradition) and, since then, the mythology of the goddesses has filled text after Tantric text. Goddess worship has been one of the cornerstones of Tantric practice throughout…