My vision for the yoga industry

my vision for the yoga industry

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to move forward as a ‘teacher’ in this ‘industry’, and my vision for the yoga industry.


the problem with surrender and devotion

I once had a teacher who said, ‘The problem for us is that we spend all our time collecting information without ever applying what we learn, so our mind’s are overdeveloped and our hearts are closed’. Yikes!


how to start a conversation with your body (plus free meditation practice)

how to start a conversation with your body  In the 1050s, while enrolled at the University of Chicago, a graduate student – Eugene Genlin – conducted a series of experiments with psychologist Carl Rogers.


what to do when you’re struggling with your personal practice

I remember, during my first yoga teacher training, one of the trainers said, “Once you begin teaching, one of the first things that can go is your personal practice. Don’t let that happen.” I remember thinking, “I cannot imagine a world where that would be true”. And, indeed, it was many years before I began…

yoga is not conscious exercise

yoga is not conscious exercise

  I remember when I first began to practice yoga. It was purely a physical pursuit. I wanted to become stronger and more flexible so I found myself chasing ‘advanced’ poses that I couldn’t do yet, but wanted to. I remember, around that time, reaching a roadblock in the form of a pose. The pose…

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when did you learn that feeling uncomfortable wasn’t ok?

When did you first learn that feeling uncomfortable wasn’t ok? Was it when dad said ‘don’t cry’ when you fell and scraped your knee?

Karina Guthrie Practicing at Sunset

you are existence experiencing itself

One of the lovely things about life is its mystery. That sense of mystery is what propels us to travel the world, explore spirituality, and channel our desire to ‘know’ through the mediums of science and art. It’s this same longing that fuels our belief in God (or whatever you call that thing in your…

the nature of obstacles

the obstacles you face should give way to the vision you hold

I remember someone saying to me once: ‘The obstacles you face should give way to the vision you hold’. Bam! That’s powerful. If you ponder that for a moment, you might also realise how rarely that’s the case. Think of how many times you’ve heard someone hatch a plan (for their life, their business, their…


how to design an effective home practice

As a yoga student, there often comes a time when (having practiced in lots of studio classes) you become curious about developing your own home practice.

Yoga Sequencing Tips

Yoga Sequencing Tips

As yoga teachers, how do we design great practices? To answer that question, we first need to explore what ‘great’ actually means. Does it refer to a fun practice? Do we gauge it by how we feel immediately after? Or, is a great practice one that contributes positively to our life?