Whole Health Project Breathwork Training Interview

November 13, 2020 | Comments Off on Whole Health Project Breathwork Training Interview

The whole health project with Karina - breathwork training

In this podcast episode, you can gain a deeper understanding of breathwork training. Join Rachel Fearnley (Breath & Yoga Coach), a group of ladies from Whole Health Project and myself, as we discuss breathwork and pranayama. Discover the importance of breathwork and it’s connection to yoga.


This podcast episode covers:

  • The moon, sun and fire principle and how it relates to the breath, including belly breathing and chest breathing
  • Using breathwork to help to alleviate anxiety and overwhelming feelings
  • Overcoming struggles to inhale or exhale
  • 3 part breathing, the challenge of individual practice and teaching other students
  • The influences of breath – why resting breath can be different one day to the next
  • Perspectives on the nervous system and the breath
  • Techniques and exercises to spark energy through breath
  • The benefits of balancing the flow of breath from the traditional and spiritual perspective
  • How injuries to the nostrils can impact the energies of the breath, such as a nose that has been broken before or a deviated septum
  • The difference between alternate nostril breathing aga as opposed to Chandra Bhedana and Surya Bhedana
  • Breath retention: how they influence our psychology by bringing our patterns up and how we use them on our quest for personal growth
  • Techniques for inhale and exhale retentions
  • Releasing feelings when they surface; the practice of non-attachment


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