The Healing Power of Yoga

August 28, 2021 | Comments Off on The Healing Power of Yoga


In this episode, I speak with Motivation Speaker and Spiritual Expert, Brett Shuttleworth, about the healing power of yoga on “The Brett Shuttleworth Show” podcast.

  • Why I studied for a Masters Degree in International Security Studies | 00:03:11
  • What made me shift from a corporate security world into a yoga free world | 00:05:18
  • ​Is there more to Yoga than just the consciousness exercise? | 00:08:42
  • How do you measure if you are advancing in Yoga? | 00:12:28
  • Tantra Yoga has very little to do with SEX | 00:14:40
  • Ancient Indian Yoga: Postures of the Gods and Goddesses and how to relate to them | 00:19:00
  • How do mantras and meditation fit into the practice of Yoga? | 00:22:52
  • Why breathing is so important and effective in Yoga | 00:26:35

About Brett

Brett Shuttleworth, Motivational Speaker and Spiritual Expert, is an ex-professional rugby player, billboard supermodel and Hollywood actor. Today he has the freedom to travel the world, transforming lives and creating a ripple of Love that inspires others to live into their greatness. Brett is the founder of Smiling Soul Retreats, an organization that takes people on a journey of love and awakening.

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