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Mapping the subtle body in yoga


A one hour masterclass to demystify the structures of the subtle body and explore practices for impacting them


There are so many systems in yoga, right? Chakras, gunas, nadis, vayus, koshas, grunthis. It can all be very confusing. 


What do they do? How do they relate to each other? How do we access them? And the big one…Are they even real?!


If you’ve ever felt confused by all this, and wanted some clarity, this workshop is for you!


Join me, this weekend, for a free masterclass which will:


✔️ Explore the different structures of yoga’s subtle body

✔️ Clarify what each structure does, and how they interact with each other

✔️ Explore a range of techniques for accessing them


It’s all well and good to hear a teacher talk about ‘chakras’ or ‘koshas’ in class, but they rarely do it in-depth, so our understanding of the subtle body feels fuzzy at best. 


We need a reframe…


Think about the physical body. It’s full of stuff! Muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, organs, the nervous, circulatory and cardiovascular systems. 


Each of these structures is unique on the one hand, and complementary on the other. Have you noticed that the mind holds all of this complexity with relative ease?


In the same way that the different structures of the physical body fit together to make a unified whole, the structures of the subtle body do the same. We just need an explanation of how.


If you want to learn how, you’ll find the answers in this weekend’ masterclass!


By the end of the masterclass, you will have:

  • Explored the different structures of yoga’s subtle body
  • Clarified what each structure does, and how they interact with each other
  • Explored a range of techniques for accessing them
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There’s no prerequisite for this masterclass, all ages and backgrounds will find value in the content.

Together we’ll demystify the structures of the subtle body and explore practices for impacting them.



I’ve not shared this content before, and you won’t find the learnings delivered this way in any of my other courses or workshops.

This masterclass will be available for 48 hours only.

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Get comfortable with your best notepad and slip into student mode for this 60-minute video masterclass, available online over the weekend from 9am Sat 25th - midnight Sun 26th March.

You will get:

  • An overview of each system (nadis, gunas, koshas, chakras, grunthis and vayus)
  • A map of the relationship between them
  • An exploration of the techniques you can use to impact each system



hey there!

I'm Karina

I’m a yoga teacher, teacher trainer and mentor dedicated to sharing (and supporting other teachers to share) the deeper dimensions of yoga.


I’m passionate about yoga as a physical practice, for its ability to open us to the magic of ordinary moments by bringing the body to life. 


I’m equally passionate about yogic philosophy, for its ability to help us ask, and answer, those big life questions that infuse our life with meaning and purpose.


I teach in New Zealand and internationally, offering in-person and online classes, continuing education programs, 200hr and 300hr yoga teacher training programs and one-on-one support for teachers.


I do all of this with the desire to help you expand your relationship with yoga (and yourself), so your practice can be a force for positive change in your life.. 


A word to the wise: I like to stay ahead of the curve. My courses, trainings and free resources are always being tweaked and updated so you are always served the best experience possible. That means that this masterclass may not be free next time, and on this occasion you'll be able to access the content anytime from 9am, Saturday 25th March to midnight on Sunday 26th March.

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