Durga Masterclass Title

Mapping the subtle body in yoga

A one hour masterclass to demystify the structures of the subtle body and explore practices for impacting them.


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I’m Karina Guthrie.

I’m a yoga teacher, teacher trainer and mentor dedicated to sharing (and supporting other teachers to share) the deeper dimensions of yoga.


I’m passionate about yoga as a physical practice, for its ability to open us to the magic of ordinary moments by bringing the body to life. 


I’m equally passionate about yogic philosophy, for its ability to help us ask, and answer, those big life questions that infuse our life with meaning and purpose.


I teach in New Zealand and internationally, offering in-person and online classes, continuing education programs, 200hr and 300hr yoga teacher training programs and one-on-one support for teachers.


I do all of that with the desire to help you expand your relationship with yoga (and yourself), so your practice can be a force for positive change in your life..