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Full-Spectrum: Why "goddesses" are more
than just feminine flow (and so are you)


A free one hour masterclass that will debunk widely-held myths about the ‘divine feminine’ and explore ‘her’ potential - and yours - in a way that feels expansive and free.



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Join me

This weekend, for a free masterclass to:

  • Explore the origins of the Tantric goddesses
  • Debunk myths about the ‘divine feminine’
  • Explore one goddess who has it all - power, confrontation, excitement - the goddess, Chinnamasta
  • Practice a short meditation to cultivate Chinnamasta’s energy

If you look around yoga and new-age spirituality platforms these days, you’ll see a lot out there about the ‘divine feminine’.


Often it’s associated with feminine flow, or femininity,  or intuition or play.


But did you know that, from a traditional perspective, that’s not what the ‘divine feminine’ (‘shakti’, in Sanskrit) is?!

Shakti literally means ''power''. 

More specifically, it’s the 'energy' that 'powers' creation.

It’s the power of the universe to create a galaxy…

The power of a seed to become a flower…

The power of a woman to birth a child…

The power of you or I to create … and grow … and ‘become’.

That power can create things that are flowy and easy and playful.

Equally, it can (and does) create calamity and thunder and war.

That’s because shakti is full-spectrum.

So are you.

Irrespective of your gender identity, you have shakti flowing through you, because you have creative energy flowing through you.

If you think about it (even if you have previously been drawn to the idea that shakti is feminine flow) there’s a great sense of freedom in recognising that shakti - and by extension, you - is fuller-spectrum than that!

If you are: 

Ready to debunk some myths about the ‘divine feminine’...

Ready to explore her (and you) in a more powerful, more comprehensive, way…

Join me this weekend for a free masterclass
where we will do exactly that, plus:

  • Explore the origins of the Tantric goddesses
  • Explore one goddess who has it all - power, confrontation, excitement - the goddess, Chinnamasta
  • Practice a short meditation to cultivate Chinnamasta’s energy

You will

  • Learn the Tantric philosophy that supports any exploration of the goddesses
  • Explore the symbolism of the divine feminine (and masculine), including what each actually represents
  • Deep-dive into one of the lesser-known goddesses, Chinnamasta, and experience a meditation that explores her energy
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Come as you are

There’s no prerequisite for this masterclass, all ages and backgrounds will find value in the content. Together we’ll debunk myths about the 'divine feminine' and explore 'her' potential, and yours!



I’ve not shared this content before, and you won’t find the learnings delivered this way in any of my other courses or workshops. This masterclass will be available for 48 hours only.

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Get comfortable with your best notepad and slip into student mode for this 60-minute video masterclass, available online over the weekend from 9am Sat 22nd April - midnight Sun 23rd April 2023.


Hey there!

I’m Karina

Once upon a time, there was a girl (me) in a jungle in Bali. She was rational. She thought spiritual stuff was for suckers and she had her emotions and behaviour under control.

She (as many of us do) had a self-image built around what others thought of her. Based on that image, she had a story about what she was allowed to feel and experience, and also what she wasn’t. Holding the image in place took a lot of energy because this girl, and that image, didn’t match.

One day she picked up a book on the Tantric goddesses. It was a bit of a stretch because, frankly, goddesses seemed a lot like ‘spiritual stuff for suckers’ and she was no sucker. But that book, and those goddesses, were powerful. She found that each gave voice to a part of herself; the parts she accepted, but more importantly, parts she rejected.

She learned that her hope, her rage, her desire and her fear were simply energies that passed through her sometimes. She learned they were the very same energies that passed through everyone, and everything; part of a spectrum of experience that was universal in nature.

That book had handed her a permission slip of sorts, an opportunity to embrace a fuller spectrum of herself, which is all any of us really wants, right?

Turns out, sometimes spiritual stuff for suckers is the very thing you need to move you out of your own way 😉

Which is why I created this masterclass! If you’re curious to learn more about the traditional take on the goddesses, or you’ve been waiting for a permission slip to embrace more of who you are, this masterclass is for you!



A word to the wise: I like to stay ahead of the curve. My courses, trainings and free resources are always being tweaked and updated so you are always served the best experience possible. That means that this masterclass may not be free next time, and on this occasion you'll be able to access the content anytime from 9am Saturday 22nd April to midnight on Sunday 23rd April.

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