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Durga: Mother, warrior and the dance of shadow and light

What we'll cover together in this weekend's masterclass...

  • An introduction to the deities of the Tantric tradition (generally) and to Durga (specifically)


  • An exploration of how the energies of the deities and in particular Durga's energy can be experienced in your own personality, in society and in your spiritual practice


  • Guidance for how you can explore Durga's energy in your own life


  • A direct experience of her energy through a complete practice (inclusive of asana, pranayama and meditation)


Join me for a truly unique journey, transporting you into a mythological world of gods and goddesses who (through some impressive mic-drop moments) will teach you how to walk the spiritual path and grow through your biggest challenges.

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Emma piltz
1 year ago

Thank you Karina,

With your help it has finally made sense to me the dance of Shiva and Shakti in relation to our existence. Then the relationship of the goddesses and how the shakti flows and simplifying the way it expresses itself. Allowing me to have a clearer view now gives me more confidence to relax and work more intuitively with the deity’s. Such a beautiful exciting little lecture.

Carmen A. Ungur
1 year ago

Hi Karina 🙂

Thank you so much for creating this masterclass. I liked it a lot. The work with the bandhas is so powerful to me. At least at this point in my personal yogic process.

Then, explaining how the Goddesses are expressions of different kinds of energy makes it all so much more tangible. Also, I like the way that Shiva/Shakti need each other or assist each other in the unfolding of everything. You have such a cool way of explaining big ideas so they actually become easy/easier to comprehend.

Wish you a really beautiful and powerful day!


1 year ago

Thank you Karina. Was such interesting and delightful introduction/ re- intro to this subject.. I ‘ll look fwd to dive deeper with you leading🙏🏻🌸and great practice too.. in the T Mudra it felt so colorful.. like blue and green patterns dancing in and around me.. and meditation so deep🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️