yoga & the mind

Journey to the heart of Yoga Psychology

New special bonuses

Available now - until 24th Sept

yoga & the mind

Journey to the heart of Yoga Psychology

New special bonuses

Available now - until 24th Sept

For when the whole world is telling you 'be yourself' …
just not like that!

Why do any of us choose to do yoga?
Ultimately, it isn’t about the shapes we make, it’s about our search for meaning. We have big questions about life, and our purpose in the world, and we want to know how to answer them.


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My signature course Yoga & The Mind meets you at the point when you’re ready to step beyond the mat and find the answers to your big life questions through a deeper appreciation of what’s going on inside of you.

I left my university job and my Ph.D. studies almost a decade ago to pursue the teachings of the yoga tradition full time. I identified as a ‘seeker’ before that, practicing and teaching yoga, and full of questions about my life and a fierce quest for meaning. Yoga offered answers. It’s the teachings from this tradition - and its framework for understanding - that I offer you in this course.


If you want to learn how to apply yoga’s ancient wisdom to your own quest for meaning, let me show you how!


Yoga courses so often focus on the body and movement. In Yoga & the Mind, the focus is internal. It is an exploration of how we can use yoga to overcome our mind’s limitations, rise above our environments, and become better humans.

This is your invitation, and your permission,
to do things differently!


yoga & the mind

Your roadmap to the heart of yoga ‘psychology’, to help you build a more skilful relationship with your thoughts and emotions and touch the awareness beyond… all in a 30 hour, 13 module, self-paced program backed by like-minded dedicated yogis.

This is very different from ‘yoga for flexibility’ or ‘yoga for exercise’. Although mat practices are a great first step, it’s the least of what yoga offers.

Explore a step-by-step guide to reaching a deeper connection with self, others and the world at large.

How did my journey start?

My first love was classical ballet. It gave me my first taste of conscious movement. I trained in it for 14 years. During this time, I also started to read books on philosophy. They were full of big questions, as was I: Why am I here? What’s my purpose? What is the meaning of my existence?

I didn’t realise at the time that the books on philosophy and years of ballet were paving my way to yoga’s door. It was some time before I dedicated my life to yoga. Actually, in my early career I was a university lecturer. I taught International Security studies and studied for a Ph.D. in Civil Aviation Safety and Security (Pretty niche, huh?!).


On the outside, I was ticking all the boxes, but internally I knew that there was more out there for me...

karina sitting in contemplation

On a trip to Bali, the penny dropped.
I realised that what I’d been looking for had been under my nose the whole time (Isn’t that so often the way?). Yoga was ‘my thing’. I went home, quit my job, resigned from my studies and took a leap of faith...


I didn’t have a blueprint for how to make a living teaching. Coming from a family that valued academic achievement, I wasn’t sure my yoga dream would be embraced. Still, as something that I’d chosen for myself I felt liberated.


As humans, we are all searching for meaning, self-acceptance, and connection to something bigger. When we come to yoga, our mat practice is a first step. Beyond that, if we want to dive into these questions more deeply, we need to explore further.


Yoga’s system of psychology and philosophy is as deep as it is wide. It’s deeply personal in the way it navigates these questions, and I want to share it with you!

client love

"Karina is my compass in this very confusing yoga world. I live on the other side of the world but she has always been there when I needed her. 

It is amazing to have a teacher who is so knowledgeable and also has an amazing way of sharing her knowledge. She never uses mystical language to create an illusion of ‘yogicness’. She is a genuine yogi, walking her path, continuously questioning and expanding. 

I am very proud to be trained by her and I am still seeking ways to learn from her."

Zeynep, Yoga Teacher, Turkey

"I’ve never experienced classes with more depth and wisdom. One of my favourite things about her teaching might be her gift to put sensations that are normally hard to describe into words. I used to call it Karina’s ability to “paint pictures with words“, which you can experience not only in her classes and lectures but also in written form online. 

I’m very grateful to call Karina my teacher. I highly recommend learning from her. It’ll help you to dig deeper not only in your personal practice or your own way of teaching, but to evolve as a person and in life itself.”

Sarah, Yoga Teacher, Germany

"As a teacher, Karina’s attention to detail and intentional teaching style sets her apart, but it is her knowledge, experience, and way of communicating that makes her an incredible trainer and mentor. 

Karina is professional, down to earth, funny, and shares the tradition of yoga in a way that is tangible, digestible and relatable. I feel so honoured to learn from someone who demonstrates such integrity as a teacher and as a human being.

Karina embodies the teachings of yoga, which I believe is a true reflection of her own dedication and commitment to practice.  


Becs, Yoga Teacher, Canada

Yoga & The Mind empowers you to integrate yogic techniques, philosophies and wisdom into your own life, and embody the teachings so that they become a part of you.

What’s at the center of this course?


The teachings in this course are not intended to be yet another box you stuff yourself into. The teachings are designed to expand you!

They’re intended to develop within you a deep appreciation of the workings of your mind, an easier access to expanded awareness, and a more joyful connection between your inner and outer worlds.

What You’ll Learn Inside Yoga & The Mind:

  • Samkhya philosophy; the yogic worldview that explains our life’s journey
  • A brief history of the socio-political climate in which the Yoga Sutra was written and why it's relevant to us now
  • Yoga's teachings on suffering and how to overcome it
  • A detailed breakdown of the Vedantic model of the mind and how we can use this model to reweave our relationship with our thought processes and conditioning
  • A detailed exploration of the relationship between the mind and the physical, energetic and intuitive systems that lie beyond it, through the lens of the koshas
  • An exploration of two meditation styles: mindfulness meditation and mantra japa (including the 'why' and the 'how' of practicing each)
  • A range of contemplative exercises and free movement practices
  • Asana, pranayama and meditation (12 asana practices, 6 additional meditations and 6 pranayamas)
  • 30 journaling prompts as well as off-the-mat practices to help you make these teachings your own


special extras to maximise your experience!

I’ve curated a bundle of special ‘extras’ to help you get the most out of the course, and to celebrate you for taking action towards being the best version of you! For those of you who sign up before midnight Friday 24th September and you’ll get access to all these kick-arse bonuses...


Fast track your learning with exclusive access to 3 hours of bonus content (4 audio recordings) from a private Yoga & The Mind study group.


Join me and 3 guests for a special online round table event. A limited number of tickets will be on sale in October, but you’ll receive one automatically when you enrol.


A workbook of self-inquiry practices to help you overcome sticky points and self-doubt, and to help you to identify and overcome those hidden motivators that influence our behaviour and potential for change....carefully curated into a valuable workbook to help you turn lemons into lemonade.


Access 'Yoga Together', a Tantric Hatha Yoga practice library from Keli Dierings. Enjoy 20% off a monthly or annual plan.


A one-month pass to the extensive ‘On Demand Library’ of Yogi Chrissie Chung featuring Tantic hatha, Buddhism, Yin and Neuroscience. Explore a variety of practices that seek to explore Yoga as a means of finding greater balance, harmony and joy.


Bringing reverence to yoga well beyond the mat, Sakti Rising creates ethical and luxury yoga apparel and accessories designed to honour the Divine Feminine in every individual. Receive a special 20% off saving code.


Take a seven week journey through the Chakras with Nikki Nie's online course 'Awake My Soul' starting starting September 27th.

Already a teacher? Great! Yoga & The Mind is registered as a 30-hour continuing education program with Yoga Alliance.

By journeying through our layers of story and conditioning, we're able to...

  • Experience more personal freedom and a sense of self-trust
  • Develop a personal relationship with teachings that can sometimes feel abstract
  • Have a richer pool of resources to draw from when teaching others
  • Better understand the relationship between our mind, physical body and energy systems
  • Support others through their own journey of self enquiry

client love

"The eloquence, clarity and integrity of Karina's teaching is something I have yet to experience elsewhere. 

Transmitting ancient, complex teachings in a way that makes them digestible within a 90 minute class is not an easy feat, and yet in every class with Karina I learned more about 'yoga' and about myself than I have on some longer trainings. 

Practicing with her opened up a portal of possibility for me to cultivate these qualities within myself, and also an innate capacity to lead, teach and ultimately embrace life instead of fighting against it. 

Endlessly grateful for the time I spent learning from her!" 


"Karina passes on these ancient teachings in a way that is, on the one hand, precise and on the other hand, magical. She is a ray of sunshine, who teaches the science of yoga, while also encouraging you to listen to your intuition and find your own unique expression.  

She teaches in a way that you can’t help but sit up, take notice, do the work and see how it improves your life. Most importantly, Karina embodies what she teaches in such a luminous and beautiful way. I’m so grateful to have her as my teacher."


"Karina is an exceptional teacher, inspiring woman, and all-round wonderful human being. 

She has a unique way of evoking deep thoughts and feelings throughout practice through her use of language and knowledge of the science of sequencing. 

She makes intricate and abstract teachings within the yoga tradition feel simple, accessible and relatable by translating them into a felt experience. Her classes leave me feeling pure, embodied and at home within myself, and I always learn something of value."



I want this course to be accessible to everyone who is pursuing the answers to life’s big or small questions, no matter what stage of ‘Yogi’ you identify as, from beginners with a dream to the experienced yoga teacher.

If you’re ready to go deeper into Yoga’s traditional teachings (and change your life along the way) you’re in the right place!

Full Course Access
 Special Bonuses

  • 30+ hours of content
  • 4 bonus study group audios
  • Save 20% on monthly or annual subscription to the ‘Yoga Together’ learning platform from Keli Dierings
  • 1 month free access to Chrissie Chung’s 'On Demand' practice library
  • Save 20% on luxury yoga apparel from Sakti Rising
  • Save 15% on Nikki Nie’s upcoming short course ‘Awake My Soul’
  • A self-inquiry workbook containing my go-to self inquiry practices
  • Access to a live online 'How to Stay Still in The Storm' round table event with me + 3 special guests


Frequently asked questions

What if I have questions once I start? Is there someone I can reach out to ask?

Yes! Send me a direct message through the message function on Podia (the online platform the course is hosted on). I’ll respond within 48hours.

I’m busy! What’s the time commitment?

The course is broken into ‘bite sized chunks’ to accommodate even the busiest schedule. Some videos are as short as five minutes, others are longer (15-30 minutes) to make moving through the course easier. You don’t have to have hours free each day to finish the course. And, you have access to the course material for 12 months from the day you register!

Do I have to be a teacher to do this course?

No! Although existing teachers can use the program to meet their continuing education commitment to Yoga Alliance, anyone who wants to explore yoga beyond the asana will benefit from this course.

I like to move! If this course is about the mind does that mean there aren’t any asana classes?

No! You’ll have access to a ‘practice library’ as part of the course. It includes nine full length classes in addition to the ‘stand alone’ pranayama and meditation practices included as part of the course. If  ‘awareness through movement’ is your jam, you can still do that here.

I’ve never meditated before. Is that ok?

Yes! Everything you need to get started is included in the course.

I’ve never encountered yogic philosophy before, will this be too abstract for me?

No! Yoga philosophy isn’t supposed to be abstract. It’s purpose is to help you be the best human you can be. If you’ve asked big questions about life (but haven’t been sure how to answer them), yoga philosophy is there to help you do that. For sure.

I still have questions. Where can I direct them?

Email me directly at:

I’m considering another program that’s similar to this. What sets this one apart?

There are lots of great courses out there. You’ll find, though, that although many offer great information, they provide few opportunities for integration. Often, you finish the course without ever really feeling like it’s ‘yours’. “Information that doesn’t travel beyond the mind rarely leads to change”. Yoga and the Mind has opportunities for integration built into into it from the start, using a range of journaling prompts, free movement practices and off-the-mat ‘explorations’ too.

If you have any questions
please email: