Subtle & Skillful Sequencing:
'Many paths, one destination'

We’re all searching for a sense of meaning and balance, yet each of us is unique. We have unique lifestyles, temperaments and needs, so a one-size-fits-all model of yoga practice doesn’t work.

How do we honour our uniqueness and also explore our sameness and connection?

Karina Guthrie Yoga - Breathwork

In just four days you’ll...

  • Learn how to weave one theme through three styles of practice (yin, hatha, flow)
  • Explore how to practice in a way that is consistent, but is also responsive to your daily needs
  • Learn how to adjust your practice to be dynamic, or restorative, depending on what you need on the day
  • Explore simple sequencing and theming techniques that make you more effective as a teacher

Subtle & Skillful
Sequencing Mini-course

We all want to honour our commitment to practice in a way that keeps us consistent. We also want to honour our needs as they fluctuate day to day. The classes that are right for us on days when we're stressed and depleted may not be right for us when we're energised, after a good night's sleep.

How do we honour our long-term commitment...and also our daily needs?

Learn how to practice in a way that  consistently, and elegantly, prepares you for meditation (and life) but is also flexible enough to respond to the inevitable fluctuations of life.

What my students are sharing…

“Thanks a lot for the course - it definitely started to fill the cup! It was a relief to hear that there is no one-size-fits-all model of practice and the importance of honouring one's one state of mind (and body).”

Sarah (Sequencing Mini-Series Student), Germany

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Learn to teach, and practice,
intentionally with subtle &
skilfull sequencing

Learn to teach, and practice, intentionally with subtle & skilfull sequencing

In this sequencing mini-series, we’ll thread one theme through three pathways of practice (one hatha, one flow and one yin-style class), offering you unique practice experiences that lead to the same pranayama and meditation at the end. Afterwards, we’ll reflect with sequencing and theming debriefs that break down the key elements in each class.

Karina Guthrie Sequencing Yoga Pose

What’s waiting for you inside…

  • Explore three different classes (one yin, one hatha, one flow) that all share the same theme, and the same pranayama and meditation at the end but differ in their levels of intensity and complexity.
  • Participate in a sequencing and theming debrief afterwards, which breaks down the sequencing and theming choices made in each class
  • Incorporate these classes into your personal practice, or use their insights to design your own elegant and responsive classes as a teacher.

This is for you if:

  • You’re a practitioner who wants to establish a home practice that nourishes you, even as it challenges and inspires you
  • You’re a teacher who wants to offer your students more nuanced variations but aren’t sure how (yet!).
  • You’re ready to do more than offer fun flows. You want to educate and empower the students you serve

What previous students have shared…

“This is something I really, really needed! I’ve been thinking a lot about how to practice and teach in this way - especially for females, who don’t have a 24 hour hormonal cycle!

Going through hormonal imbalances myself has really made me realise how important it is that female bodies are properly catered for.”

Amélie (Sequencing Mini-Series Student), UK


Hi! I’m Karina….

Yoga - for me - is about dharma; using our gifts and passions in service to ‘something bigger’. Living this way isn’t easy. It’s vulnerable and it’s brave so we practice to empower the part of us that is bigger than our holding back.

As humans, we are all searching for meaning, self-acceptance, and connection to this ‘something bigger’. When we come to yoga, our mat practice is a first step. Beyond that, if we want to dive into these questions more deeply, we need to explore further.

Every technique within the yoga tradition lives to serve this aim. We draw on its practices, not to become stronger or more flexible but to unearth our purpose and, through it, to step into an experience of life as sacred.

For most of us, the journey begins on our mat. It's easy to be distracted by fun classes but asana practices have the capacity to be truly transformational if we understand how to combine their elements to create a recipe that's right for us. That's why I've designed this course for you; to give you a taste of what's on the horizon.

I’m so happy you’re here!

Much love,


Join me!

We’re all searching for inspiration and balance, and yet our needs change all the time. We have unique personalities, lifestyles and requirements for practice, which means a one-size-fits-all model doesn’t work. 

Learn how a few small tweaks make the world of difference to your experience in practice. Best of all, it’s not complicated (just as soon as you know what to do).

Join me for this bite-sized introduction to subtle and skillful sequencing. An exciting new world awaits you!

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