I believe the most profound yogic teachings are the ones we live.

We practice, not to become better at practicing, but to become a shining example of yoga's potential.

I’m here to empower you to unearth your true potential, embrace the power of surrender, attune to your innate power and gracefully embrace your most authentic sacred life.

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If you’re ready to explore what yoga has to offer beyond the studio setting, this one’s for you! Join an online community of seekers who, just like you, are ready to evolve their relationship with yoga from ‘casual fling’ to ‘committed relationship’.

Dive deeply into the psychology, philosophy and embodiment practices you don’t have an opportunity to explore in class.

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Welcome to your yoga course library, where you can take a journey through the yoga tradition (and, through that, your body, mind and spirit) to transform your life (as well as your personal and teaching practice) from this inside-out.

I can remember a time when, looking around the yoga-landscape, I thought, ‘There’s got to be more out there than this’ (spoiler alert, there is!). Today, my driving force is to meet you in this moment and to shine the light forward on your behalf. You know that deep thirst for meaning you have? Your practice can quench it.

Let me show you how!


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The Good Life

Yogic Strategies for Being a Good Human

If you’ve been practicing yoga for a while, you’ll know there comes a point in time where you begin searching for a way to apply the insights you have during class into your everyday life. That’s where The Good Life comes in…

I’ve put together 10-days of thought-provoking and life affirming teachings that will expand your life and open your mind to more fulfilling relationships and experiences both on and off the mat.

Yoga & The Mind Yogi Pose


Answer Your Big Life Questions

Did you know that yoga is one of the oldest self-inquiry systems there is?

Have you ever been curious to learn more about yogic psychology?

How does yoga map the mind? What does it say about your thoughts and feelings? Can it help you rewire them?

Join me for this 30hr training that answers these questions in-depth. Leave with a better understanding of what’s happening inside of you, a comprehensive understanding of yoga’s approach to the mind, and a range of meditation (and other) techniques you can keeping using after the course is over.


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Subtle & Skillful Sequencing

Many paths, one destination

The classes that are right for us on days when we're stressed and depleted may not be right for us when we're energised, after a good night's sleep.

How do we honour our long-term commitment...and also our daily needs?

Learn how to practice in a way that consistently, and elegantly, prepares you for meditation (and life) but is also flexible enough to respond to the inevitable fluctuations of life.

Karina is an exceptional teacher, inspiring woman, and all-round wonderful human being. She has a unique way of evoking deep thoughts and feelings throughout practice...

She makes intricate and abstract teachings within the yoga tradition feel simple, accessible and relatable by translating them into a felt experience. Her content leaves me feeling pure, embodied and at home within myself, and I always learn something of value!"

- Aimee, New Zealand

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