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Apply for three months of bespoke one-on-one coaching, specifically tailored to high-performance women who are ready to move past approval seeking and burnout. Learn to create a life (not just a career) you feel proud of; one that is joyful, creative and fills you up from the inside-out.

Here’s an all too familiar story...

You have a great job, which you are very happy with, but you also notice that you can’t let go of your work. You get home late on a Friday and realise that (yet again) you’ve not seen your friends this week. You feel guilty but keep turning down their invites because you’re ‘too busy’. You’ve not taken ANY time for yourself this week. Perhaps you went to the gym or yoga, but rather than listening to your body you pushed yourself again. Instead of feeling energised, you’re more exhausted than ever.

Do you ever wonder, what lies beyond this overstretched, spread-too-thin, juggling-too-much experience you’re having?



a thriving future version of you where...

  • Feeling steady, grounded and poised everyday is your new normal.
  • You’ve stopped trying to fit yourself into a masculine model for success, and instead are achieving success in a way that honours your journey as a woman.
  • You’ve reconnected with your inner wisdom and natural intuition, which makes you magnetic. You’re powerful yet soft at the same time.
  • You’re enjoying a new found freedom from guilt about resting, taking time off or not responding to every single email (doesn’t that feel liberating!).
  • Self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and sabotaging your own happiness are a distant memory.
  • You’ve transformed from a place of quiet desperation, to a place of enthusiasm and empowerment.
  • You’re committed to a new way of living, where you serve from a full-cup and enjoy a kind of success in work and life that is sustainable and joyful.

Is this the version of you that you’re ready to claim? 

Do you want to feel empowered from within to say NO to other people’s vision for your life and YES to your own voice and vision?

This is your invitation to end the cycle of overwhelm and exhaustion, and learn to pour yourself wholeheartedly into things that light you up so you’re inspired and connected in work, as well as life.

Ask yourself… 

What will my life be like if I don’t alter my course?

What is the cost of not addressing this? To me? My business? My employees? My relationships?

what you'll get

When you work privately with me you’ll regain your sparkle and bounce back from burnout

You’ll learn to bring your best to every area of your life (without overdoing it) by weaving tailored rituals, yoga and mindfulness practices, targeted self inquiry and a healthy dose of personal accountability into your life so you can sustain the level of success you aspire to (and make the journey a LOT more fun).

When you awaken in one area, you awaken in all!

A snapshot of the work we’ll do together

  • We'll begin with a 'life audit' (Basically a, 'What does life look like right now and what do I need to change?' review)
  • We'll agree to a personalised plan designed just for you for the upcoming three months inclusive of:
    • Personalised yoga, mindfulness and meditation practices
    • Bite-sized strategies that you can weave easily into your day to help you release stress and increase energy, instantly.
    • Practices to help you sleep better
    • Self-inquiry and journaling work to uncover the root cause of your current situation
  • Fortnightly sessions with me
  • Strategies for setting up a daily routine that promotes success in all aspects of your life (not just your professional life)
  • Built in accountability procedures
  • Access to a 'vip vault' of bonus content

As part of this program, you will also receive full and unlimited access to a vault of additional resources and supporting material, including:

  • The Good Life Course: Yogic Strategies for Being a Good Human. A 10-day mini-series exploring the yamas and niyamas in-depth. They’ll grow you as a human and as a seeker.
  • A mini-library of on-demand Yoga classes that you can draw on anytime
  • Yoga Nidra and relaxation: To support you in healing and sleeping
  • A range of meditation and mindfulness practices for greater self awareness
  • Interviews with experts in the field of psychology and somatic awareness
  • A range of free movement, journaling and contemplation practices to help you process the 'stuff' that inevitably arises as we move through the coaching program

client love

The women I work with realise that their tendency to burn the candle at both ends isn’t working. They see they’ve chosen an unsustainable (and, ultimately, unfulfilling) path and, realising that their future is determined by the choices they make today, have sought the support they need to alter the course of their lives for the better. 

Instead of stuffing themselves inside of a ‘work or leadership persona’ that feels inauthentic, they’ve learnt to embrace the feminine model of success and are committed to achieving it with ease and grace by honouring their intuition and truly being themselves.

Here’s what high-achieving women say about my coaching….

"Studying with Karina for over three years now, this three month mentoring was a blessing as she accompanied me on my next stage on my yoga practice as well as career. With the right questions, the right stories and enough space in between she helped me to make magic happen. It is always such a sweet experience to learn from Karina. For everyone who feels stuck, I highly recommend mentoring with KG!"

UTE, Yoga & Meditation Educator, Germany

“From my first conversation with Karina, she met me where I was at, saw me without judgement, and engaged with me with total openness, generosity and practicality. Karina's integrity and commitment to the yogic path and its principles, coupled with a deep sense of joy at connecting and working to support me on my path made mentoring a treasured and really useful experience. Karina beautifully connects deep knowledge and ongoing practice with heart and humour. She helped me to feel comfortable in my own skin and to express myself honestly, courageously, and with a sense of purpose and joy!”

Holi Birman, Academic, Sydney

“I was so confused about my teaching path when I entered my mentorship with Karina. Within a session of her holding space, offering insights from her experience and resources, I found focus and excitement to explore possibilities. By the last session, Karina had gently guided me to a place to hear my heart where I could confidently follow my intuition. I am so grateful and can’t recommend Karina more highly as a teacher and mentor.”


“Our session last week felt so inspiring. I just came out of a brainstorming session for my offerings. It’s been so much fun shaping everything from the ground. I feel like I am growing out of old shoes into new ones.”



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Are you ready to give yourself permission to do things differently, and alter the course of your life for good?

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A gentle side note about who this coaching is not for…

  • Women who are not comfortable investing in themselves.
  • Women who are still in the hustle and grind mentality, and not willing to give it up.
  • Those not willing to take 100% responsibility for their growth.
  • Those who are not ready to challenge their own thinking, and would rather justify current decisions than make new ones.
  • Those who are not serious about experiencing big shifts in their home and work life.
  • Those who don’t believe it’s possible to sustain success, whilst achieving balance with ease and joy.