'Yoga & You' Online Course

Learn ‘the art and science of intelligent sequencing’ to design practices that bring meaningful change.


'Yoga & You' Online Course

Learn ‘the art and science of intelligent sequencing’ to design practices that bring meaningful change.


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I believe the most profound yogic teachings are the ones we live.
We practice, not to become better at practicing, but to become a shining example of yoga's potential.

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Yoga - for me - is about dharma; using our gifts and passions in service to ‘something bigger’. Living this way isn’t easy. It’s vulnerable and it’s brave so we practice to empower the part of us that is bigger than our holding back.

Every technique within the yoga tradition lives in serve to this aim. We draw on its practices, not to become stronger or more flexible but to unearth our purpose and, through it, to step into an experience of life as sacred.

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This 30h course is a journey discovering how yoga maps the mind, the traditional practices for rewiring your relationship with your thoughts and beliefs, and meditation techniques for touching the awareness beyond

'Yoga & You' Online Course

A nine-week online sequencing course for passionate yogis and yoga teachers who know there’s a better, more embodied and more transformative way to practice and teach yoga.

Private Coaching

Learn to bring your best to every area of your life by weaving tailored rituals, yoga and mindfulness practices, targeted self inquiry and a healthy dose of personal accountability into your life so you can sustain the level of success you aspire to.

300h Yoga Teacher Training

Learn and embody traditional teachings such as Yoga Nidra, Vinyasa Krama and The Mahavidyas through this 300h Embodied Sakti YTT programme, a 10-month journey starting on September 3rd 2021.

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"Karina is my compass in this very confusing yoga world. I live on the other side of the world but she has always been there when I needed her. 

It is amazing to have a teacher who is so knowledgeable and also has an amazing way of sharing her knowledge. She never uses mystical language to create an illusion of ‘yogicness’. She is a genuine yogi, walking her path, continuously questioning and expanding. 

I am very proud to be trained by her and I am still seeking ways to learn from her."


"I’ve never experienced classes with more depth and wisdom. One of my favourite things about her teaching might be her gift to put sensations that are normally hard to describe into words. I used to call it Karina’s ability to “paint pictures with words“, which you can experience not only in her classes and lectures but also in written form online. 

I’m very grateful to call Karina my teacher. I highly recommend learning from her. It’ll help you to dig deeper not only in your personal practice or your own way of teaching, but to evolve as a person and in life itself.”


"As a teacher, Karina’s attention to detail and intentional teaching style sets her apart, but it is her knowledge, experience, and way of communicating that makes her an incredible trainer and mentor. 

Karina is professional, down to earth, funny, and shares the tradition of yoga in a way that is tangible, digestible and relatable. I feel so honoured to learn from someone who demonstrates such integrity as a teacher and as a human being.

Karina embodies the teachings of yoga, which I believe is a true reflection of her own dedication and commitment to practice.  





Our lives are extremely full of to-do lists, social activities, responsibilities, hopes for the future. And for most of these, we’re not open to the possibility of letting them go. We’re afraid of losing control. Because of this, when we step on to the yoga mat or meditation cushion, we tend to apply the same…



A space where messy, vulnerable, bold conversations - about yoga and life - are nurtured

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